We dream of a dynamic, vibrant and modern church where friendship and relationships with each other and with God are the most important. No matter what story a person has, no matter what background he comes from, no matter what skin color he has - everyone should experience the love that God has for him.

We want to be a community that invites every friend, colleague and neighbor and shares our faith openly with everyone.

We want to help marginalized, poor and disadvantaged people as much as possible and help them. We want to help children with their problems and needs and to bring teenagers to God so that they become young adults who can develop their potential and become followers of Jesus. Middle-aged people need perspective that life does not only consist of burst dreams, but that the best comes with God. We want to show seniors that they are needed and can make a difference.

Everything we do is meant to bring people faith, hope and love. A belief in Jesus that can change lives. A hope that trusts in God despite difficulties. And a love that is completely unconditional.

FCG Vision / Auftrag

Module 1:  Wir möchten bewusst mit Menschen, die glaubensfern oder entkirchlicht sind, ins Gespräch kommen. Auf kritische Fragen bezüglich der Relevanz des Christseins heute möchten wir versuchen, aufrichtig Antwort zu geben. Menschen, die unterwegs auf der Suche nach dem Sinn des Lebens sind, sollen entdecken, daß die Frohe Botschaft von Jesus Christus „Leben mit Fülle“ bedeutet. Module 2: We want to empower and encourage individuals in their religious lives so that they mature into Christians, whose gifts and potential God-given are released. Module 3: We want relationships within family and marriage and with single people to be strengthened through being a Christian, despite the many ups and downs of everyday life. Module 4: We want to strengthen people in their religious life so that they will be a blessing for their people at work, at school and in the neighborhood. Module 5: We want to take seriously the call from Jesus "Go there" by trying to be missionary and diaconal at home and abroad. Unser Gebet ist es, dass jeder, der sich mit der FCG Bregenz verbunden fühlt, einen Dienstbereich findet, wo sie oder er ein Segen für andere sein kann und wodurch auch persönliches geistliches Wachstum angeregt wird. 1 Korinther 15,58: Darum, meine lieben Brüder und Schwestern, seid fest und unerschütterlich und nehmt immer zu in dem Werk des Herrn, denn ihr wisst, dass eure Arbeit nicht vergeblich ist in dem Herrn.